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Anchorage to Homer servic

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13 May 2017

This past Thursday, Smokey Bay Air participated in the Front Line trade show, hosted by Visit Anchorage. It was great to meet so many in the tourism business and some potential visitors.

So many of those visiting Homer have their trip begin or end (or both) in Anchorage. It was great being able to pitch the wonderful opportunities that Smokey Bay Air can offer to those considering a trip to Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. We are 10 days out from having our first Bear View tour and are excited about having a great season and being part of being able show some of the most beautiful and scenic parts of Alaska to our visitors.

As visitors consider a Homer visit, part of the experience is the incredible drive there from Anchorage. However, keep in mind, if it is desired, we can always be charted to provide the transportation from Anchorage to Homer, or Homer to Anchorage.

The summer is right around the corner--enjoy!

1 Comment