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Medallion Safety

Smokey Bay Air is the recipient of five Medallion Foundation safety stars.

CFIT Avoidance

The first star Smokey Bay Air was awarded is the CFIT Avoidance Star. The focus of this star is pilot training and company policies that avoid controlled flight into terrain induced by low visibility and light levels.

Operational Control

The second Medallion star Smokey Bay Air was awarded is the Operational Control Star. The focus of this star is primarily on the company policies and procedures related to the safe dispatch and flight release of aircraft.

Safety Program

The third star Smokey Bay Air was awarded is the Safety Program Star. The focus of this star is primarily on company policies and procedures in relation to the company Safety Program. The intention is to make safety the key factor in how business is conducted. The goal is to prevent accidents, eliminate injury and damage, motivate safe behavior and provide tools for safety.

Maintenance and Ground Service

Smokey Bay Air submitted its Maintenance and Ground Service Manuals to the Medallion foundation for initial approval. The Medallion Foundation is coming to audit this star’s requirements on 10/8/2009. We expect to receive that star within 1 month of this audit. The focus of this Star is the verification of a proactive Maintenance Program as well as defined training for maintenance and ground service personnel.

Internal Audit

The fifth Medallion star focuses on overall quality and continuous improvement of the above programs. Smokey Bay Air has established auditing and trending procedures for many of the programs already. We expect to submit our manual to the Medallion Foundation for initial audit within the next 9 months.

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