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About Us

Smokey Bay Air’s history and owners

In 1998, a business partnership was formed, a Cessna 185 was rebuilt and Smokey Bay Air was born. Back then it was a single pilot operation with one airplane.

The company was purchased in January 2011 by brothers Gary and Tim Brandenburg. They grew up in Kenai, Alaska and spent much of their youth in the Homer area camping and fishing with their parents. Growing up in Alaska, aviation has always been a part of their lives. Their Dad first taught them to fly and they both made their first solo flights at the age of 16. Gary has flown commercially for 24 years and Tim is a private pilot. They love Alaska and Kachemak Bay and they love to show people the wonder and beauty of this place!

Today Smokey Bay Air operates┬áthree Cessna 206 aircraft, one cessna 207 and has a year round staff of seven. Smokey Bay Air’s number one goal remains the same: “To provide the best customer service with the highest level of safety possible.”